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Level of Recall

Average for issue


Ad Characteristics

Good design

Clear message


Useful in your work


Ad Characteristics

Good design (Average)

Good design (Advert)

Clear Message (Average)

Clear message (Advert)

Informative (Average)

Informative (Advert)

Useful in your work (Average)

Useful in your work (Advert)

Persuasive (Average)

Persuasive (Advert)


  • It is effective and offers a good presentation (Director of E-Business)
  • A good image could tell you more that thousand words (Aircraft Leasing Director)
  • Keep us up to date on the progress of the 787. Regardless of the delays. (CEO)
  • Informative presentation. (Team Leader - Alliances)
  • Very informative concept (Managing Director)
  • Boeing is always a good advertiser of its products and directions, so expectations are high (Consultant; Aviation Law)
  • Effective because of the picture (SR Manager)
  • Ad is precise and clear. (General Manager)
  • Interesting subject (Aviation Journalist)
  • A very fine Boeing advert. (Marketing Consultant)
  • Always look at (Deputy Director of Safety)
  • As a very large Boeing customer (both Pax & Cargo) we obviously have a special look to their advertisements, as we do for Airbus. Generally speaking Boeing's advertisements are good. (Press Relation Officer - Air Cargo )
  • It is a suggestive and clear advertisement. (Managing Director)
  • Blues are attractive and left to right aircraft works... (General Manager Risk Management)
  • Advertisement effective because the product advertised is effective! (Executive Director)
  • Again - effective, but not useful for me (General Manager)
  • Clear skies & a Boeing...Environmentally better for the moment (Flight Operations Manager)
  • Generic in nature (Senior Vice President Commercial Operations)